#CreativeMissions 2014

#CreativeMissions – Freedom Church

The next few posts will give you a very brief overview on the work our team did during Creative Missions at three area churches.

Creative Missions Team Celebrating with Freedom Church

The team celebrating with Pastor Mike and interns over the work that had been accomplished over the best crab cakes in Baltimore.

One of the churches my team worked with while we were in Baltimore for Creative Missions was Freedom Church. When you walk in for the first time on a Sunday morning you feel something special. Diversity is the word that comes to mind–not in the way many churches or organizations tout and display casual diversity–but in a locking of arms among cultures and generations that is clearly fostered and lead by godly leadership. It’s tangible; it’s beautiful. It was truly incredible to be a part of. The team helped in 3 main ways: Design, Website and Video. We also had great conversations on the Sunday morning experience.

Freedom Church Branding

Branding Overview for Freedom Church


The church had already spent valuable time with a talented designer creating a logo. However, having recently moved a few minutes away to a donated church building, a tweak in the edgy-ness of the logo was warranted to reflect the new community they were in. The edges needed to be rounded up a bit to reflect an even more diverse congregation.

Pastor Michael Crawford is a man with big vision and we aimed to supplement that vision with some series artwork and collateral to make inviting visitors easy for members of the congregation. He knew exactly who he was trying to reach, where to find them and how to appeal to them to come to church. We knew that once they came in the door any visitors would need to know where to go and how to get there so we designed signage that would point them to where to securely check their kids in and easily find the rooms the children where to drop them off. You can view all of our designs in the branding overview to the right. I think Denisse and Eric did an incredible job on the design!


Like tFreedom Church Websitehe logo, the website needed some minor tweaks with updated, larger and more dynamic photography and a cleaner home page. The church was already doing a great job getting their sermons up online immediately following the service as well as a focused devotion that occurs on Sunday mornings that the church has added to the service in an effort to include women more in ministry from the platform. We updated the logo on the site and made it easy to see the churches address on every page with a link to directions and service times. It makes a huge difference when you can quickly and easily find out where the church is and how to get there. Friendly, inviting photography gives visitors a sense of what they’ll experience on any given Sunday. Nate really did a great job cleaning up the site and I believe a few more small tweaks are still to come.

Welcome Video

Pastor Mike has a vision to have half of the church’s website be video based and to that end we shot and edited a number of videos that will appear on the site in weeks to come. The stories that we heard during the videos were incredible and perhaps we’ll feature them here another time. Monica did a great job working quickly to edit as many of the videos as she could for the church to put them to use in the weeks to come.  Here is a short welcome and introduction video that will appear on the website soon…

Don’t Take My Word for it

Here’s a shout out from Pastor Mike…

It was an incredible opportunity to work with Pastor Mike and their intern Kyle and move the ball forward on projects they were waiting on due to lack of time and resources. Though we only spent two full days with Freedom Church the impact that it had on each team member was amazing. It was truly a privilege to serve Freedom Church.

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