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Creative Missions 2015

Creative Missions

Creative Missions pairs media professionals with under-resourced churches, creating sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel.

This year 30 creative missionaries spread among 5 teams will be serving a total of 10-15 Boise area churches (and even one church in Ontario, Oregon).

Boise is a growing town (#15 on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing U.S. cities) with a lively outdoors culture, healthy economy, and a fantastic quality-of-life. In fact, the quality of life is so good, folks don’t realize their need for a savior.

It’s also a “post-Christian” city that’s open to a plurality of spiritual beliefs, but largely unchurched. The church is actually the biggest barrier to the gospel in Boise. People are not asking, “what church should we go to,” but “why church?” We’re serving churches who have found impacting their city with the gospel best happens in missional communities.

Our goal in 2015 is to help equip pastors and their missional communities engage a culture where some find little value in a traditional “church service.”

Can You Help?

  1. Sponsor some or all of my trip at (Donations are being handled by the Center For Church Communication and are tax-deductible.)
  2. Consider monetary donations, printing, ProPresenter licenses, gift cards (gas, office supply stores, electronics stores), and more. You can give to those needs at:

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