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Creative Missions 2015

Creative Missions

Creative Missions pairs media professionals with under-resourced churches, creating sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel.

This year 30 creative missionaries spread among 5 teams will be serving a total of 10-15 Boise area churches (and even one church in Ontario, Oregon).

Boise is a growing town (#15 on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing U.S. cities) with a lively outdoors culture, healthy economy, and a fantastic quality-of-life. In fact, the quality of life is so good, folks don’t realize their need for a savior.

It’s also a “post-Christian” city that’s open to a plurality of spiritual beliefs, but largely unchurched. The church is actually the biggest barrier to the gospel in Boise. People are not asking, “what church should we go to,” but “why church?” We’re serving churches who have found impacting their city with the gospel best happens in missional communities.

Our goal in 2015 is to help equip pastors and their missional communities engage a culture where some find little value in a traditional “church service.”

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#CreativeMissions 2014

#CreativeMissions – First Baptist Brooklyn

This is the last of a number of posts  on the work our team did during Creative Missions at three Baltimore area churches.

The First Baptist Church TeamThe First Baptist Church Team

The First Baptist Church Team

First Baptist Church Brooklyn (FBC) was the only church we worked with where we weren’t able to see a typical worship service.  Despite being able to see how the services operate and meet with their congregation, we were able to accomplish some quick wins just touring the building, meeting Pastor Ronjour Locke and his outgoing administrator, Abbey. Pastor Ronjour was truly excited to talk about the ministry he does at the church and candid about what the church needs to overcome to be relevant in the future. First on the agenda was a an audio issue that needed to be addressed so they could present a crisp, clear message for their weekly podcast. Evan Courtney and Jason Kempf stepped in from another team to lend a hand and delivered a quick diagnosis and solution. Once we installed it we were good to go with an excellent sounding podcast. We accomplished some other miscellaneous tasks that cleared some of the visual clutter and improved flow around the building. It’s amazing how moving and removing just a few key elements can create a sense of space.


Branding Overview for First Baptist Brooklyn

Branding Overview for First Baptist Brooklyn

We sat down to talk about identity and the fact that FBC is an incredibly diverse church with 100-year-old roots. Their mission is to display and declare the greatness of Christ in all of life, so that all may delight in the glory of God! The conversations sparked a number of ideas from multiple members of the team that ultimately meshed together to create a beautiful new logo that pays homage to the past and represents the diversity of the future; all of which is centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. From there we worked to create a consistent brand across their bulletin, connection cards, brochure, letterhead and business cards. Though their building communicated that FBC was a 100-year-old church for the caucasian community, Pastor Ronjour truly desired to show the community that First Baptist Brooklyn was an active and diverse congregation so we created a large, inviting banner for display on a wall outside the building to do just that. Eric and Denisse worked incredibly hard to get these pieces just right and it shows!


First Baptist Brooklyn Website

First Baptist Brooklyn Website

First Baptist had an incredible administrator who, due to an upcoming wedding and subsequent move to live with her new husband, was leaving her employment at the church. She had accomplished a great deal of work which had made our job incredibly easy and if it weren’t for her groundwork we may not have pulled off as much as we did. She had created a beautiful site on another platform, however, the site would “break” quite often, due to issues with the overall platform, and she would have to fix it. With her impending absence she graciously gave us permission to update the site to a more stable platform as well as match the new branding and display the diversity of the church with a site with large photography features.  I think Nate nailed it once again with a great website.

  View the First Baptist Church Brookly Website

Welcome Video

As we prepped for the video and looked for the perfect place to shoot the welcome video, Pastor Ronjour showed us around the Brooklyn area and described the very real struggles of the neighborhood . As he spoke you could hear his heart for the area and the impact God’s church could have on Brooklyn through FBC. Monica  really captured the essence of the neighborhood and was careful to catch the beautiful details and texture of Brooklyn.

What Pastor Ronjour Had to Say…

Here’s a shout out from Pastor Ronjour about Creative Missions:

We had a great time working with Pastor Ronjour and Abbey at First Baptist Church Brooklyn and look forward to see how God uses the Creative Missions week we spent together.  It was a true privilege to serve. My only regret was that we weren’t able to be there on a Sunday morning for their worship.

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#CreativeMissions 2014

#CreativeMissions – The Light Church

The next few posts will give you a very brief overview on the work our team did during Creative Missions at three Baltimore area churches.

The Light Church Team

The Light Church Team

We knew going into it that The Light Church was going to be different. Set in the arts and cultural district of Baltimore, The Light Church was in a prime location for artist pastor, John Kovacs and his vintage clothier wife, Maria, to reach out to artists and others to live as bright reflections of their Creator. The service had a flow and cadence all its own, encased in the beauty of stained glass and cathedral church ceilings with hints of urban white noise from the street below. Mike led an impassioned worship set followed by testimonies and stories with refreshing candor. Pastor John challenged everyone to imagine what the Kingdom of God would look like “on earth as it is in heaven.” After service we sat down to, what I would call, “family dinner”, a weekly meal that everyone gathers around to connect as any family would. Our conversations had a soundtrack of outbursts of laughter from other tables, kids running around and friends talking between forkfuls of delicious food. It was truly a family gathering. We spent the evening gathered around Pastor John and asking question after question about the brand and culture of the church. Clearly this was a different church experience for many on our team and we needed to be certain we were honoring its design and intent.


The Light Church Branding

The Light Church Branding

When we met the following afternoon everyone was excited and a little nervous to see how this would flesh out.  We landed on the terms “organic” and “family” as we discussed the brand of the church and that set the tone for our design. We unearthed a prior logo attempt the church had made and resurrected the “flame” icon and set to work crafting a hand-lettered logo that captured the essence of this organic family church. What we ultimately landed on felt right to everyone and opened the door to finish strong. We created a-frame and sharkfin signage to mark the entrance which was previously unmarked and thus unknown to guests. In place of bulletins and guest packets the church already handed out a handmade zine that immediately helped you understand the space and experience you were about to encounter. It was a beautiful piece and represented the church well. For the first time in Creative Missions history we created buttons and magnets as hand outs featuring artwork from their congregation as the texture for the logo. Eric captured the hand-lettered logo artfully and Denisse carefully worked with Pastor John to get the color-scheme just right. After all, Pastor John, “went to college for color.”  And they nailed it.

The Light Church Website

The Light Church Website


How do you create a digital version of this church to exist on the web!? At first, we almost thought it couldn’t be captured. As Nate and I explored some options and templates we landed on the idea that this site needed to be stripped down. Plain vanilla with a twist. Nate and Monica had artfully captured candid video from the service, and the family dinner and put together a looping image for the homepage that perfectly captured the experience.  We converted their old site which was flash-based, no logo and hefty admin costs to a free forever donated hosting site that accurately reflected to visitors what they would encounter when the y walk in the door. Great job, Nate!

  View The Light Church Website

Welcome Video

Monica captured some incredible B-roll footage of the Mount Vernon area. Its tall buildings, statues and landmarks made for a great setting; even more captivating was some of the footage she got from the service and the family dinner. An incredible welcome video capturing the heart of The Light Church.

What Pastor John Had to Say…

“I had in mind that this week would be a chance to catch up on some long overdue web and print redesigns. I thought that anything in this area would be a step in the right direction. Then you guys showed up and completely knocked my expectations out of the park! Wow, I can’t believe how much was accomplished in such a short time, and on top of that, the quality of the work that was done here. Blessed and grateful only barely begin to describe how I feel right now.

The final result of the work was fantastic. You have made a room full of artists smile which is hard to do.

“The final result of the work was fantastic. You have made a room full of artists smile which is hard to do.” Pastor John Kovacs

One of the biggest takeaways from your being here is the reminder of how powerful our communication is and the potential that is hidden in so many of the creative mediums, when utilized well. I am motivated more than I have been in a long time to steward this area moving forward and keep this going. We like to keep things simple. Now we have something that is simple yet compelling.

Along these lines, I have been thinking….what will the impact be of these short few days and all the hours and creative energy that were invested here? I have no doubt that the fruit will be a hundred fold. I am confident that people will get a clearer glimpse of who The Light church is as a result of your investment and hopefully as a result they will ultimately get a clearer glimpse of who Jesus is. That is my hope, prayer and belief.”

We appreciate the kind words and heartfelt assessment from Pastor John and truly enjoyed the challenge that the experience offered to capture such a unique culture. What a tremendous privilege to be involved with this phase of what God is doing in The Light Church.

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